ANSLab Research Excellence Award 2018

Now is Open!

To stimulate research efforts in the area of computer networking and security and to promote ANSLab, we are calling for an international competition on the research done at ANSLab. The winner must enhance the performance or efficiency of the protocols, methods or algorithms developed at ANSLab. (They are released under the refereed publication section of ANSLab.org). The prize will be $1500 AUD and is awarded to the one with the most noticeable contribution. The conditions are listed below.

  • The due for this award is March 2019 . Anything published before the call date (Nov. 2017) or after the due, will not considered. This is a bi-yearly award. The next round will open in 2019.
  • The research must be genuine and be published in Q3/C journals or conferences, or higher. For rankings, please refer to scimagojr.com or Australia‚Äôs ERA ranking system.
  • The research must be entirely aligned with one or more of ANSLab's prior works. Once published, the corresponding author shall send the paper's link on the publisher's website to sayad [at] ieee.org along with a draft copy as an email.
  • The authors shall release the source code of their simulations somewhere for public use and verification. This is not a requirement for all-theoretical works. Non-verified or non-refereed woks will not be considered.
  • Only published and in-press publications will be considered. Short papers and comment papers are excluded.
  • The competition is open internationally. The recipient will get the prize in his/her Paypal account. If there are multiple authors, they will share the award unless they give their consent in written (email) to act otherwise.
  • If there are multiple best publications, there will be a draw to award the prize. The winner will be notified in March 2019 and the name will appear on ANSLab too.